"What is memory if not love enduring?"

Based on Monument Valley, Apple's Best iPad game of 2014, and Hollow Knight, the acclaimed 2D Metroidvania; Memorium takes inspiration from Monument Valley's minimalist artwork, calming puzzle-solving, and theme of forgiveness and combines it with Hollow Knight's story of discovering yourself and your world to create a one of a kind masterpiece.

Play as a spirit girl traversing cloud islands with her companion Yu, searching for her lost memories as she faces off against her inner demons and accepts herself for who she was in her past life.

Our story begins with a spirit girl, Amara, falling onto a floating island, far above the ground. She has lost her way and her memories, but is guided by her spirit companion Yu, and side by side they search for stained glass shards that restore her memory. With every shard, they piece together Amara's past and discover who she is.

However, it won't be easy. Each glass shard is guarded by a demon, and they won't give it up without a fight. Without anything to fight back with, you'll have to use your cleverness and the surrounding environment to come out victorious!

Sophie Bechet
Jack Blatcher
Tanner Bortel
Erin Casey
Zachary Chiu
Niko Chow-Stuart
Emerson Coskey
Carter Drey
Piper Egan
Jayden Endicott

Raquel Frankel
Millie Harrison
Ryan Hoang
Harita Kalvai
Grace Kredo-Brown
Spencer McOwien
Jackson Roberts
Zachary Rocco
Phoebe Sothern
Dillon Sumner
Instructor: B. Gustin