AP spring projects

Aviation Adventure by Jack Blatcher

A Jumping Day by Tanner Bortel

Blast 'Em by Zachary Chiu
Point and click.  Challenge mode is 20 second timed

Hot Boxes by Henry Collins

The Ref is not Okay by Emerson Coskey
WASD to move, spacebar to jump, left click/e/f to kick

Fox Hunt by Piper Egan
Press space to jump over rocks and a and d to avoid crates

Button Stomp by Raquel Frankel

Speed Specialist by Declan Gibbens
W/A/S/D to move, try to avoid the obstacles and get the highest score possible

Car Chase by Jameson Gilmore

Park Protector by Millie Harrison

Knockout Arena by Ryan Hoang
Use wasd or arrow keys to move. Pick up the power up that spawns every other wave to gain increased knockback against enemies and try to stay on the platform without falling off the edge as long as possible.

5 Second Rule by Micah Pace
Don't let the food fall. Get a certain amount of points by clicking food to win.

Sphere-rena by Jackson Roberts

Megalonia by Zachary Rocco

Balls and Lava by Wyatt Schow
Arrow keys to move up, down, left and right. Use space bar to fire when in control of powerup2.

Happiness by Dillon Sumner
Be Happy

Road Rush by William Threlkeld
Left and right arrow keys to control

black and white xbox one game controller